Dadi brand series products including dumping truck、semi-trailer、mine-used truck

Release Date:

2022-05-07 14:14

Dadi brand series products including dumping truck、semi-trailer、mine-used truck 、cement mixer and transport van etc. , more than 100 types, lots of them got national patents, now annual production ability is 15 thousand units, network cover Beijing、 Tianjin、 Hebei 、Inner-Mongolia、 shanxi、 shan’xin、 xinjiang、 Tibet 、Anhui and china north-east region, same time export to middle Asia and African oversea areas. Is a main upload manufacturer in North china of Foton、 Shanqi 、Sino-truck、 Northern Benz 、Hongyan、 Hualing groups. Advanced equipments including welding painting and assembling testing lines, have a standard tech.. and perfect manufacturing system, to ensure a steady and splendid future.

Based on strictly management, with a strategy eyes, we will enforce an flexible marketing plan, modernize the production and quality system, territorialize sales promotion program, personalize after-sales service, take “ Cooperation, Innovation and Excellence ” as spirit, take “for the people , for the life ”as goal, take “ Achievement, Regulation and Credibility ” as core value, adopt encouraging system, pursue tech. innovation、 management innovation 、marketing innovation, make our best to reach one billion output in 2012, gradually to form a Collectivization system. Up to 2015, employees will be 5000 , 2 billon more investment be completed , also will create a national-level tech. center, to realize digitalizing、 networking、 informationazing in data system , shorten the new products developing period, meet costumer’s personalizing requirement, will annually produce 100 thousand light duty cars and 20 thousand special vehicles, sales proceeds will reach to 5 billions. Join hands with domestic and overseas, to make contribution to economic development and harmony society.